Developing your people is vital to your future success and investing in your people will see an increase in commitment and motivation from them. At Building Better People we will help you build the best program to meet your needs. Tired of ringing organisations and not sure what state you are speaking to? Can’t speak to someone directly? We are South Australian owned and all our decisions are made here and you can contact us directly.

Drawing on over a decade in training we have built a reputation for our passion for training and energetic facilitation style. We work from simple but critically important principles. We believe that the key to delivering the most effective training comes first from understanding clients’ core developmental needs and designing those into the training solution. We value engagement and participation as drivers for learning new skills and behaviours. Building Better People has proven many times that when people enjoy the learning process, they are more open to, and so more likely to adopt, new practices and behaviours.

These principles are reflected in owner Brendan Hockings approach. His open manner enables him to get to know participants and understand the context of their learning needs which he can draw on to provide relevant examples and to enable real-world case studies to emerge. This ensures he meets both his clients’ needs whilst ensuring his participants reach their personal goals.

Brendan has delivered training in leadership and management, sales and customer relations, communication and personal effectiveness, in organisations across a range of industries. He has developed and delivered training courses for companies and not-for-profit organisations in financial services, mining, manufacturing, media and communications, medical and government.

Brendan’s reputation for delivering energetic and relevant training in his unique, refreshing way generates much favourable feedback from his participants, such as:

Clients we have worked with

Work Cover
Adelaide City Council
Bombardier Transport
Government Skills Australia
Prescott Securities
National Wine Centre
UPM Ralatac
University SA
Southern Cross Austereo